‘Antique door knob’ sold at auction for £5,000

A couple from London have sold their first antique door knob for a record £5-6,000 after they bought it at a local auction.

It is one of just three known examples of the Victorian era, which has been given its distinctive paintwork, but it is also one of the earliest examples of modern day antique door knobs, and was the subject of a documentary called “Antique Knobs” which aired on BBC2 last year.

The Knob from St. Clair Abbey, one of two examples of this type that were in existence, was acquired in 2013 from an antique shop in London by the owners of a local museum.

The owner told BBC News: “We were looking at a particular knob and we thought it was just perfect.

We’ve seen some amazing things with these.”

It’s a bit like a modern day version of a brass knob.

It’s a lovely little thing, so we thought that was what we’d like to sell.

“The Knobs from St Clair Abbey were originally used by St. Mary’s Cathedral in the 15th century, but were later converted into door knob cabinets.

It has a small metal frame, which looks very much like a brass handle.

The knob is made of bronze, and has a bronze plate, which is decorated with a silver ring and a gold clasp.

“I’m sure we’ll get more people interested in it.” “

It’s very special, and it’s something that I think the public are interested in and really want to know more about,” said the owner.

“I’m sure we’ll get more people interested in it.”

The Museum of London says that it would be a “mistake” for people to ignore these items because they are “historical artefacts” that were built by the people who lived in the area at the time.

It also suggests that people could look at the knob and “understand its importance in the community”.

But, for some, the story of the knob is even more fascinating than the story behind it.

BBC News reports that the knob was a piece of furniture made by the local farmer and belonged to the family of William of Cramlington, who owned a cottage in the village.

It was purchased from him by an unknown owner in the late 19th century.

A plaque on the door shows that William Cramlin’s daughter married the local man in 1782, and that the couple had three children together.

The couple’s children were then buried together in the cemetary, and the knob was placed in the tomb of William Crawford, who was buried with his wife.

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