How to buy antique cars and boats from Vietnam

Vietnam has been a major market for antique cars for more than a century.

But for the past decade, many Vietnamese owners of antique cars have been looking to sell their wares online for a cheaper price.

Many of the cars and trucks have been used by U.S. troops in the Vietnam War and are often seen on the front of military vehicles.

There are many ways for antique car buyers to sell the cars online.

Here’s how to buy an antique car and boat online.

Antique cars can be bought online from online auction sites such as eBay, and some dealers offer their vehicles for sale in Vietnam.

However, many of the vehicles are classified as military and cannot be sold to the public, and many of them require a Vietnam-specific license to be sold.

For this reason, many Vietnam-based antique car dealers offer an online auction site to get your vehicle listed online.

This type of online auction is not available in the U.s., but it is available to buyers in Vietnam with a Vietnam license.

Antique vehicles are also sold in Vietnam by antique dealers such as Mihai Tung, owner of the Vietnamese Vintage Car Auctioneers, in the country’s capital city of Hanoi.

He says that the sale of antique vehicles in Vietnam is a very lucrative business, because many people in Vietnam have no idea that they are dealing with an antique dealer.

“If you have a very well-known dealer who sells their vehicles in the States, and it sells very well in the US, they will be able to earn a lot more, because they can get people interested in buying,” Tung said.

He says that most Vietnamese buyers will pay a commission for each sale, and the commission is typically around 50 percent.

However in the last few years, there have been several instances where he says there has been an increase in interest in buying antiques online.

One of the most notable cases of interest was a Vietnamese buyer of antique motorcycles who was able to get the vehicle he wanted to the dealership, and then sell it to a Vietnamese dealer for $10,000.

Tung says that in these instances, he had to find a way to make sure the Vietnamese buyer did not have a previous experience with the antique car, so that the buyer could prove to the Vietnamese dealer that he knew how to operate the vehicle.

Tung says he has never had any problems with the Vietnamese car dealers, because of the number of dealers who have licensed their vehicles to them.

However he says he is aware of some cases where there are legitimate concerns about the quality of the vehicle or if the vehicle has been stolen.

He also says that there are some dealers who will sell a car for a price that they would never pay for a car that is a stolen vehicle.

“It’s a business where you have to do everything right and then you can make the sale,” he said.

Antiques dealers who operate on a business model similar to online auction websites are often viewed as being unethical and are sometimes labeled as criminal.

Tsung says he also thinks that some of the dealers are trying to make money off of the sale by offering up the vehicles to other Vietnamese buyers.

“The buyers are buying a vehicle and it’s going to be an antique, and they can buy a car, a motorcycle, a truck and they’ll all get the same price,” Tsung said.

However the dealers who sell on these websites are generally willing to make the payment to the buyers, which is what most people want.

“If you’re selling antique vehicles, they don’t have to be appraised and they don�t have to have any paperwork,” he explained.

“They can just buy the vehicle online.”

For more information about antique cars in Vietnam, visit Antique Cars in Vietnam

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