Why a $1 million antique medicine drawer is more than just a relic

This antique medicine case has a lot to say about our culture, our heritage and our future.

A cabinet with a single shelf full of antiques and rare and expensive items is an icon of the 1950s and ’60s.

It’s also an emblem of our time.

The cabinet, purchased in 2006 by a man named Steve, is a unique item for a couple who were raising their three children.

Steve says he’s the only person who’s ever owned an antique medicine storage cabinet, and he plans to display it at the museum as part of his ongoing collection.

“I want it to be my treasure chest,” he says.

The cabinet is on display until Jan. 8, 2020, but Steve plans to keep it there until he dies.

We’re in the middle of the first wave of the ’50s and 1960s renaissance in the United States.

The era was a golden age for American art, a golden period for the arts and sciences, and a golden era for America’s children.

The golden era was also the golden age of the television and movies.

This is a moment for the people of America to celebrate what has been the greatest cultural phenomenon of our lifetime, an era that was just about the end of the world.

It was also a golden opportunity for a bunch of us who were very much alive at the time to come together and create something that we’ve been doing in our homes for the last 60 years.

It is a treasure chest, a piece of American history that is really quite special.

In his autobiography, Steve describes the cabinet as a collection of antique and rare items from the period that includes an old-fashioned piano and a small piano made in 1930.

The piano is the oldest one in the collection.

When Steve and his wife decided to buy the cabinet, they didn’t expect much.

“It was one of those items that just came to mind because of the incredible story of the American family,” he said.

“We had heard about the cabinet from someone who was in the art world.

We just sort of looked at it and said, ‘What would we do with it?'”

The couple had already bought a $600,000 home in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

Steve has been collecting antique medicine cabinets for decades.

He started with a family of three in the 1960s and now has more than 50 cabinets.

He said the cabinets are filled with art, furniture and collectibles that are important to him, and to his family.

One of the things he loves about the cabinets is the fact that they’re filled with objects from the past.

“They’re a museum piece, but they’re also a little bit of a living museum,” he told us.

For the couple, this collection is a way to celebrate their family’s history.

They plan to have the cabinet displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City in 2018.

This story was produced by The Associated Press by CBS Local, WCAX-TV, CBS San Francisco, KPIX-TV and KCBS-TV.

Written by Rebecca Tarr, ABC News.

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