How to create an antique kitchen cabinet

By: Anand DuttaSource: The Indian ExpressBy: Anis NaveenKurmaa’s Kitchen Cabinets are a very special kitchen item. 

They are made from antique wood stoves, made to be worn as part of a home decor or decorating theme. 

Kurmas and others use them to decorate their homes and they are not just a decorative item.

The unique design has given them a place in the hearts of people. 

The designs of Kurmaa and other furniture makers in the region are very old, with some of the oldest known examples dating back to 1859. 

When they are purchased, they are treated like a piece of art and are carefully considered to be of exceptional value. 

These Kurmaas are now at the end of their lives, with only the last Kurma of the family keeping the family’s kitchen cabinet. 

Here, we share with you a couple of examples of Kurmas that are still being used today. 

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It’s like a new design.