How to get a $300 antique bar in the city

How to find an antique bar that will be a fun place to hang out for an afternoon?

You might have to wait for someone else to come along.

But in a city where antique bar owners are getting ready to celebrate the holidays, a handful of places have been popping up across the country.

Here are our top picks.


Old Town Pub, Brooklyn Old Town Bar The owners of Old Town pub have been open since 1929.

They’ve been known for their delicious homemade pies and cocktails, and they’re open year-round.

They even serve up a beer and wine menu.


Sip & Smoke, Chicago The owners behind Sip&, which was founded in 2012, have been in the business since the ’80s, and their beers have earned a cult following.

They have a menu full of Chicago favorites, and if you don’t want to miss out on a taste of Chicago, they have a special spot on the second floor of their historic building.


Dickey’s Bar & Grill, New York Dickey Street Grill’s history dates back to 1917.

It’s also known for its homemade sandwiches, like their smoked turkey sandwich.


Old Country Tavern, New Orleans The owners are from Louisiana and their New Orleans-inspired menu is based on the flavors of the region.

There are also plenty of classic cocktails and wines.


Big Boats, Atlanta Big Boat is a classic bar with a classic vibe.

Its open for dinner, but the patio can be a little dark at night.

They also have a beer garden with more than 100 taps and have a great patio.


The Pub, Portland, Maine The owners, Jeff and Kristine, were raised in Portland, and since they opened the first pub in 2002, the bar has become a favorite for people who love a little outdoor entertainment.


Old Tavern, Brooklyn A local bar and restaurant, Old Tavern has a very retro feel.

The bar is named after its founder, James D. Brewer, who was a barman for more than 30 years before his death in 1986.


Tiki Bar, Seattle is the best place to get your drinks on the weekend.

It serves up the most unique Tiki cocktails, along with some other drinks you might not think of. 9.

The Odeon, New Jersey The Odysseus, the Greek-themed bar, opened in 2003.

It has a large outdoor patio with plenty of seating.


The Grosvenor, Baltimore The owners say they started out in Baltimore in 2007 and have been serving up some of the city’s best eats since.

The menu includes a menu of local favorites and drinks.


Cheddar, Denver The owners at Cheddar are also famous for their homemade cheese sandwiches.

Their pizza is delicious.


Barrio de la Ora, New Mexico is a Mexican restaurant serving Mexican food, a classic Mexican drink, and a small but delicious menu of Mexican foods.


Tic Tacos, Chicago Chicago-style tacos are one of the oldest, most popular dishes in Chicago.

There’s a lot of options, but you’ll find a few favorites from the north side of the Chicago area.


Lazy Town, New England offers great sandwiches and great cocktails.

The owner, Dan and Nicole, has a passion for local music and live music, so there’s something for everyone.


The Hacienda, Las Vegas Las Vegas-style taco restaurants, known for the best tacos in the country, are all the rage in the desert.

You can find a lot on the menu, but if you want a unique experience, head to the bar.


Boudin & Company, Nashville has been serving Nashville-style cuisine for over 50 years.

It was the first restaurant to offer traditional French fare, and it’s now a family-run business.


The Tres de Piz, Boston Boston’s most famous taco joint is called The Trenz.

The restaurant offers traditional tacos, chicken tacos, salads, and sandwiches.


The Mango & Coconut, New Zealand The owner of The Manger, which opened in 2008, says the menu has some of New Zealand’s best ingredients, but it also has a ton of options for the adventurous.


Dang-Ho, Chicago’s menu has a lot to offer.

It includes classic Korean and Japanese fare, but also a lot more.


The Old Brewery, Detroit The owners have been at the brewery for more to than a century.

They started it with a small brewery in the early ’60s and it expanded to become one of Detroit’s top breweries in the late ’80, ’90, and early 2000s.


Old Street, Minneapolis The owners started Old Street in Minneapolis in 1987. It now has