How to spot a fake antique chest

If you have an antique chest that looks like it’s been sitting in the attic for years, chances are you’re dealing with an old chest thief.

In a new study, researchers analyzed photos of thousands of antique chests and found that most of them were real antique chests.

The researchers looked for a pattern of “excessive wear and tear,” which includes broken items, worn out screws, cracked walls and damaged hinges.

It’s possible that these items have been left out for too long, the researchers wrote in the study.

But it’s also possible that someone could have left a damaged piece of furniture unattended, they added.

For a study of a large number of antique chest designs, researchers found that more than half of the original photos looked like they had been doctored, with one or more of the pictures having a lot of wear and/or tear.

When they took a closer look at the photos, the team identified at least seven of the photographs as fake.

They identified the photos that were doctored as those that had been used in a study that showed that people who bought antique chest art would pay a premium for it.

But when they examined the photos more closely, the study’s authors found that the authenticity of the photos was more than ten times more likely if they were doctoured.

For the study, the authors collected more than 500 photos of more than 2,000 items and found evidence of a vast number of fake antique chests, according to a press release from the University of Rochester.

The study is the first to look at counterfeit antique chests that were made from photos and photos of authentic antique chests in a large-scale study, said study author Matthew D. Schreiber, a professor of engineering engineering at the University at Buffalo.

The team also found evidence that the quality of the items being counterfeited is lower than the original.

“We found that, when looking at photos of real antique chest pieces, we found that those items are less likely to be authentic than their photos,” he said in a statement.

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