How to spot the real antiques at antique stores

Antique retail stores often have lots of hidden gems hidden inside their brick-and-mortar shops.

Here are 10 antiques that can surprise even the most discerning shopper.


The Largest Antique Store in the World – The New York City-based Antique Room in New York has a sprawling display of antique and vintage goods at its main store in the historic East Village neighborhood of Brooklyn.

The New Jersey-based shop is famous for its enormous display of collectible antiques, but it also sells a range of handmade items, from old toys to jewelry to paintings.

Antiques at Antique Rooms are often sold in the hopes that they will make it to an unsuspecting buyer.

But it can be difficult to identify the actual items, said Tiffany LeCoy, who heads up the New York Antique Warehouse, in a phone interview.

“You can’t see it if you don’t have the right glasses,” she said.

“It’s just a different kind of thing.”

LeCuyers office in New Jersey has a small display of a collection of antique antiques dating back to the 1920s.

“The main reason people go to Antique Barns is to buy vintage jewelry and collectibles,” she added.

“They’re the largest antique shop in the world.

You have to go there to find it.”

Antiques in Antique rooms often are sold for up to $5,000.

They can range from the odd collectible like a vintage bottle opener, to more expensive items like a set of hand-me-downs and a gold and silver watch.

Antique room decor and accessories are often pricey, too.

LeCys store also has a huge display of handmade jewelry, and she said a good selection of antique jewelry is on display.


The Antique Dealer’s Antique Shop – The Antiques Dealers Antique Market in New Brunswick, New Jersey, has one of the largest antiques markets in the United States.

The company opened its first store in 2001, and it continues to operate in a variety of locations.

The shop sells everything from old cars to rare pieces of art and collectables.

Antics Dealers sells antiques to dealers and to collectors, and has more than 100,000 items on display, according to the company.

“Our sales are on par with the dealers,” said the company’s president, Jeff O’Neil.

“We have a very high turnover rate, and we have an inventory that’s growing by the day.”

O’Neill added that the store also serves as a “collection point” for collectors and dealers who are looking to buy items.

“When we’re selling, we don’t sell it to the dealers because we don’ t want to make them feel guilty,” he said.


The Oldest Antiques Dealer in the Country – The largest antique dealer in the country, which opened its doors in 1967, was founded by the late James McGovern, the founder of the American Antiques Association.

Antichamps is based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and is known for its large inventory of antique items.

In addition to its large antique display, Antichamp has an enormous outdoor outdoor display that is open to the public.

The store’s largest collection is a collection that dates back to 1793.

“If you look at the antique market, you’ll see that the majority of these items are not on the big, iconic displays that are usually seen in the dealers market,” said O’Neills son, Eric O’Neal.

“Some of the items that are on display are on very limited stock, and you’ll find a lot of items that we don t sell on the show floor.”


The Original Antique Auction House in the U.S. – In 1971, the first Antiques Auction House opened in New Orleans, Louisiana, the same year the world was rocked by the Watergate scandal.

Anta is still in operation today, but has been expanding since then.

Antas auction house sells antique and collectible items and also has an online store that offers buyers an in-person auction.

The new Antiques Auctions website,, now boasts more than 8,000 pieces of antique history and artifacts, including items from World War II, the Civil War and World War I. It also includes more than 3,600 antique and collectable items from the 1800s to the 1950s.

The website also has online and print editions, and offers “a wide variety of special offers,” such as a free digital print of the original map of the U-boat fleet.


The Great Depression-era Antique Museum – Located in the heart of downtown Brooklyn, the New Jersey Antique Museums is home to an impressive collection of artifacts dating back nearly 70 years.

The museum houses over 40,000 vintage and antiques items, and also holds classes and exhibitions on the topic of the Depression era.

“There’s a lot that goes on

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