I bought an antique ring for my husband, but now I’m getting a divorce

I bought a ring for a man and he’s getting divorced. 

I found the ring online, bought it, and had to make the decision.

But now I am trying to decide whether to sell it.

Is it worth the hassle? Read More In this case, the seller’s wife was very upset about the ring’s condition.

She told the online seller she had bought the ring to replace it, so she would have to get it replaced. 

The seller claimed that the ring had been damaged when it was in the family.

The buyer was not happy about the seller and wanted the ring repaired or replaced.

I was happy to help out, so I gave the ring a quick checkup and asked the seller to repair the ring if necessary. 

Unfortunately, the ring was not repaired and was sent back to the original buyer.

The seller refused to give the ring back, saying she wanted to sell the ring because she was not sure if it was worth the trouble to repair it. 

After this incident, I had to tell the seller that I would no longer accept rings from her, but I had the option to sell them if she wanted me to. 

When I told the seller my reasons for selling the ring, she refused to sell me the ring and told me I was making a mistake if I did. 

As a result, I ended up sending the ring out to another collector who was going to buy it.

The collector told me she would sell it for a much lower price and it was sold for a similar amount. 

But now I have been contacted by the seller who has asked me to contact her. 

My husband told me that the seller was a fraud and that he was not even able to find the ring.

He is furious because I have sent him my phone number and email address. 

If the seller really is the same person, she should not have been selling it to someone who does not want to sell his or her ring, and would never even consider selling it.

It is a shame that the auction house and the online auction house have a reputation of scamming collectors and I would recommend that they reconsider their relationship. 

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