‘I just can’t wait’: Owner of antique silverware says he wants to return it

Antique silverware has become a fixture of the decor of American homes, a symbol of the rich heritage of the country and an iconic part of the American spirit.

But some American antique shops say the demand for antique silver has grown rapidly in recent years, and they’re struggling to keep up with the demand.

And a local antique dealer is taking the unusual step of returning his silverware to the owner who bought it.

The owner of a Los Angeles antique shop, who requested anonymity to discuss his business, said his collection of silverware is in bad shape and he’s struggling to pay for repairs.

“I think I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t have the silver for the silverware, but I don`t have the money to do it myself,” said the owner, who didn’t want to be identified because he is not allowed to sell his silver for sentimental reasons.

He’s already spent $30,000 on silverware since the end of 2013, and he has yet to receive any of his final silverware.

The store’s owner, Paul Guido, told CNN he wants the owner of the silver plate to pay the bills and put his silver back in the shop.

He said he can’t sell his items, because his business is going out of business and he can`t afford to keep it open.

He also said he is struggling to find silver that he can sell because he has so many items he wants.

In an email, Guido said he was forced to make the decision to return the silver because he couldn’t find any silver to buy and pay for the repairs.

He said he received a letter from the owner stating that his silver had been donated to an orphanage and that he was able to purchase it from a museum.

But Guido acknowledged that the store is in financial trouble and that it could take several years to make repairs.

The owner said he still needs to put up a sign outside his shop saying he will not sell his precious silver to collectors.

“My family and I have worked hard for so long to be able to support ourselves, and this is just the beginning,” Guido wrote.

“If you don`T donate, I am not going to get the silver I need.

I cannot afford it.”

In the meantime, Guido said he’s working on a plan to keep the shop open.

“We will have to find a new place to keep these pieces, or if we can`re going to have to close it, we will,” he wrote.

He also said his shop is also accepting donations of silver plate for donations.

“If you are interested in donating any silver, silver plate, silverware or any other item, please contact us at [email protected],” he said.