Scott’s antique armory opens for business

Scott’s Antique Armory, the world’s largest antique shop, will be opening its doors to the public at 11am on Friday.

Owner Scotts Antique Mall owner Paul Smith has spent years working with antique enthusiasts around the country and he says the opening will allow the community to come together and enjoy the history and history-making of Scott’s.

“We’re really excited to be able to serve our community and give them something to do that they really love,” Mr Smith said.

“You’ll have a really fun time with people that are like the locals and you can enjoy the antique market as well.”

The store will also feature a display of Scott Street’s treasures, including a rare gold and silver jewellery set from 1770, as well as an original 1853 photograph of a woman with her son.

It’s been a long road to opening a shop in the mall, Mr Smith says, but it’s been worth it.

“It’s just been such a long journey,” he said.

“I feel very proud of what we’ve achieved.

It’s been really, really hard but we’ve got to be proud of the work we’ve done.”

I’m just really grateful that we’ve managed to get this far and we’re really looking forward to getting the rest of the doors open in the coming weeks.

“Mr Smith said he wanted to open the store to the community in order to encourage more people to come into the store.”

This is a place that’s been around for decades, so we want to really let people know what the history is and what the significance is of it,” he explained.

Scott’s Antiques Mall has been open since 1882.

Auckland Council has been in talks with the company about whether it should continue to open.

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