The Lad’s new ad campaign: ‘We’re a family in the family business’

The Lad is going big for its brand new ad blitz that will debut this weekend on all four major US cable networks.

The ad campaign is set to premiere across the top four cable networks starting Saturday, and it will run across three segments that include the “Best in Old-School” and “Best of Old-school” sections.

The Lad also launched a brand new Facebook page,, to promote the campaign, and the page has already gained over 4 million followers.

Lad co-founder and creative director Chris Gaffney has told The Lad Magazine that the new campaign will be aimed at millennials.

“Our target demographic is a millennial,” Gaffneys told The LAD.

“I think that’s the key.”

The Lad has been in business since 2011 and has been seen on TV shows including, “Glee” and”Game of Thrones” as well as in commercials for Apple, Nike and Samsung.

Gaffney told The Los Angeles Times that the campaign is aimed at young people because “they’re not looking for the stuff, they’re looking for something new.”

“We wanted to go in a different direction, but also really capture the excitement and the excitement of the brand,” he added.

The LAD has also launched its own online store to help sell old-school items, including old-timey collectibles like “antique mailbox,” antique brass and antique brass roadshow schedules.

Gaffe-prone former NBA player and current host of the popular “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Stephen Curry has also been a fan of the old-fashioned lifestyle, and he tweeted on Tuesday that he has “a few old-stock items in the basement, just waiting to be brought in.”

Curry added that he had even bought a “old-stock” “Mighty Ducks” jersey in the mid-1990s.

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