Antique Video Game Console Table for $7,800

The Antique Videogame Console Table from Atari.

The Antiques video game console table has a very vintage look to it.

The top of the table has some of the earliest Atari 2600 console hardware from the late 80s and early 90s.

The base is an antique wood frame, which is also made of antique wood.

The legs are vintage, with the bottom and sides of the legs having antique-style hinges.

The center console has an original game cartridge slot and a full Atari 2600 controller.

The bottom of the console table is a vintage leather covered plastic, with a black and red Atari 2600 logo and a gold plated Atari 2600 pinball switch.

This vintage Atari 2600 video game controller was made in the late 1980s.

The Antique Atari 2600 Video Game Table has a vintage look.

The vintage wood is not as worn as the vintage legs, and the center console is covered with a leather covered vinyl.

The Atari 2600 controllers are all authentic, but the game cartridge slots are vintage and have a matching Atari 2600 game cartridge.

The games are the original Atari 2600, which were sold for a mere $7.80.

This is the same Atari 2600 that was manufactured for the NES.

The Atari 2600 has a lot of history with video games.

This video game table is one of the very few vintage Atari Video Game Tables.

This particular video game was one of three Atari 2600 consoles built in 1977, and it was one that was originally built for the Atari 2600.

Atari was not happy with the video game consoles that Atari had produced, so they decided to make a video game for the 2600 console.

Atari did not use a cartridge slot on this console, but instead used a controller that had a video port on the back.

This controller has a full-size joystick and a two-button control pad.

The joystick is a little small, but it works well for games like Super Mario Bros. or Pac-Man.

The control pad has a few buttons that are easily pressed with one hand, and there are also a few switches on it that make the joystick move around.

There is no backlight, but this Atari 2600 does have a full color, gold plating finish that gives the console a more antique feel.

Antique Atari Video Games Console Table, 1977.

Atari 2600 Console Table.

Antique Antique NES Console Table , 1977.

If you’re a video gamer, or you’re looking for a classic Atari 2600 cabinet, this Atari video game display cabinet might be your best bet.

This Atari 2600 TV box has a TV-style design and is built like a traditional cabinet.

It has a white base with an antique silver finish.

The back of the box is also antique gold.

The console has a classic, vintage looking design, with an original Atari Video game controller.

The Atari video games console cabinet is a great addition to your home, especially if you have an older Atari 2600 for sale.

It’s one of many vintage Atari video gaming consoles that you can buy today.

If you’re going to the video games store, this is a must-have for you.

This classic Atari video console cabinet will make an excellent addition to any video game collection.