How to get the most out of a home that was never built

If you were thinking of moving to Nashville, you’d be doing yourself a disservice to look at what’s going on at the home that is currently occupied by a retired farmhouse.

The property is owned by the Vans Olde Farmhouse Association, which has been selling the property to a company called Modern Vintage for $13.9 million.

The estate, a former farmhouse built in the 1920s, has been renovated by a team of antique experts.

They have included architect Henry L. Litt and designer Paul K. Kiel, who designed the exterior of the building.

The building itself is in good condition, with no visible damage from the recent flood, according to the nonprofit organization.

The Vans organization told The Tennessean that the owners are not currently interested in selling the building and are hoping to find a buyer.

However, there is some controversy surrounding the property.

A website called says that the farmhouse is being used for a private event and that the family has been planning to turn it into an antique museum.

“The family has requested that a group of people be selected to make a home of this property, which would be located at a local cemetery,” the website says.

“The estate would also be dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the original farmhouse as a public gathering place, as well as to the future use of the land.”

Modern Vintage did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The farmhouse was purchased in January from an anonymous donor, according a statement from the Vins.

The group says it will “continue to provide the same quality of service to the community” as it has since it acquired the property in February.

However the website does say that “it is not a traditional auction and does not require a bidding process.”

The website states that “any future changes in the future, we will have more information to share.”