The most fascinating vintage furniture

By CBS News Staff Writer A unique piece of furniture that may have once belonged to the Queen is on display in a Philadelphia museum.

The Queen’s Chair was designed by the renowned American furniture designer Henry David Thoreau in the 1850s.

A century later, it was found on a farm in Montana.

But it was recently displayed in the Philadelphia Museum of Art and now, the chair is getting its own private exhibition.

The chair is a reproduction of the Queen’s Table, designed by Thoreaux in 1854.

It’s the only chair Thoreaus made that he could use to show people the beauty of the countryside.

The chair was designed to be used for lectures and meetings, and it was also used as a desk and table for other work.

The table and chair have a unique history.

They were found at the estate of an influential Pennsylvania farmer, who had a special interest in the landscape.

He brought back a piece of wood that had been left behind from his wood-fired barn.

The piece was later used as the table in his house.

In 1867, the original piece of the chair was sold to the Smithsonian Institution.

In 2018, a second chair, now owned by the museum, was added to the collection.

The second chair has a unique and fascinating story.

The owner of the first chair told The Associated Press in 2016 that he purchased the chair from an estate in Montana, which he believed was a replica of the original.

The estate, in turn, said the chair belonged to Thoreacean architect, Henry David Waring.

But a look inside the second chair shows the story to be far from what the museum and estate had originally said.

The second chair is about a foot wide, and there’s a long shelf with a pile of chairs stacked high, like a table with a chair sitting on top of it.

It had been used as an antique bench, the museum said.

“The original table was used as such for meetings.

The chairs that were used as table were used for presentations,” the museum’s curator, Kristin Smith, told CBS News.

“There were several different chairs that Thoreauer used for various presentations that we could see on the shelf.”

The chair was purchased by the Philadelphia museum in 2018.

The museum’s collection has only about 100 pieces of furniture, Smith said.

Smith told The AP that the chair has been on display at the museum for about four years.

She said she has been working on the project with the chair’s owner, and has plans to bring it to the museum in 2019.

The museum is expected to make an announcement about the museum chair’s fate sometime in the next few months.

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