The world’s most expensive antique dolls

The world has seen a great deal of excitement surrounding the sale of over 2,500 vintage dolls, but one piece of that excitement has gone missing.

According to a blog post from eBay, which has been tracking the auction house, the auction company has no record of the sale, nor does it have the buyer’s name.

“No one on eBay knows who sold these dolls,” the blog post reads.

“This is just a bit of fun, and the best part is that we have no idea who these people are.

eBay does not have any records of who the seller is, nor the name of the buyer.

We have no record that the buyer is in the US.”

The seller’s identity is not known.

eBay, however, did confirm that the dolls are indeed “an antique doll collection, and as such, the seller of the dolls is a US resident.

We cannot confirm that they are dolls made by the company that has acquired the doll.”

The auction house did not immediately respond to a request for comment.