When you want to buy antiques at a museum, you need to look in a different place

Posted by ESPN CRIE on January 25, 2018 07:04:18 If you’re interested in antiques and vintage jewelry, you’re in luck, because there’s a new museum in town that specializes in that.

It’s called Midway Antiques in Birmingham, Alabama, and it’s currently in its 10th year, and now it’s on the cusp of opening.

The name is a reference to the fact that Midway, Alabama is also the home of Midway International Airport, the biggest and most important airport in the United States.

Its an amazing place to go for an evening out, a quick flight or a night in.

The airport has plenty of options for museums, but they’re often just too busy to offer antiques.

This museum has been around for about 20 years, and although its opened with some fanfare, it’s only now becoming known to the general public.

It was originally conceived by three of its founders: Michael Smith, Mark Lasswell, and Robert St. Louis.

The three men have been avid collectors for years, so when they saw the opportunity to open a museum in the city where they grew up, they jumped at the chance.

“I think our main goal is to create an experience for people to be proud of their history and heritage,” Michael Smith said.

“It’s not just a place for them to look at stuff.

It has to be a place where they can go and see the stuff.”

The first thing visitors will see when they walk through the museum is a large room that includes two galleries, one with historical artifacts, the other with modern pieces.

“The first gallery has some really nice pieces that are very unique and interesting,” Michael said.

The other two galleries are designed to showcase different styles of antiques: antiques made by craftsmen, or vintage and antique jewelry.

Each gallery is divided into different sections, which are divided into four rooms: the first, second, third, and fourth.

“In the first room, you’ll see the old furniture and other things that you might find on the first floor of a house,” Michael explained.

“The second room will be a bit more contemporary and the third will be sort of a modern place where you can see a lot of modern pieces.”

You can see some of the items in the museum as well, including a large wooden sculpture that Michael created to show off his collection.

“It’s like the thing you could imagine someone making if they were making a piece of furniture,” he said.

The first room features a large piece of art that Michael has been working on for years.

He calls it “a sculpture of an old house.”

“We wanted to have a really big sculpture, so we did a lot more research on this old house,” he explained.

He made the piece out of wood and then had it mounted on a wooden bench, with pieces of old furniture on top.

“We’ve always wanted to create something that was more of a historical piece than just a piece that you could see on the street,” he added.

The second gallery has a smaller piece of antique that Michael and his co-founders wanted to put in the third room.

They chose a piece called “a couple of old books” because the pair thought it would be a good way to tell a story.

The third room, however, is more of an homage to the museum itself.

It features a small wooden sculpture called “The Bowery,” which is actually a reference that Michael says is a favorite piece of the museum’s collection.

The museum’s first floor, however you choose to spend your time, will be packed with artifacts and pieces.

The museum is open 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Friday, and is located at 1120 Bower Street, Birmingham, AL 35226.

For more information, visit www.midwayantiques.com.

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