Why are Antiques and Collectibles being banned from the streets?

Antiques & Collectibles is being banned on the streets of Brisbane, and in some cases the city is even putting them in a box to be thrown out.

The ban has been met with a lot of protest by locals.

The city’s Department of Local Government says it has a lot more work to do to get the city’s antiques into people’s homes and in people’s neighbourhoods, and it has set up a “watch list” of properties where it will not allow people to bring them into the city.

“We have been asked to review all properties, and have reviewed the list in relation to the number of properties that are on it and the number that are allowed to be brought into the CBD,” Brisbane City Council said in a statement.

“There have been significant concerns raised by community members regarding the risk of a significant increase in the number and volume of illegal property being brought into our CBD from outside the city, and we have been advised by the Department of Civil Aviation that the total number of potential sites where illegal property could be brought to the CBD will increase.”

The council says it is reviewing the list of properties it is “not allowing” to be put on the watch list and is working with the police.

“The number of locations on the list is likely to increase as we continue to receive information from property owners and police on the issue of illegal and unauthorised access to properties,” the statement said.

It is not known how many properties have been put on its watch list, or how many people have reported property crime. “

Brisbane City Council is working closely with the Queensland Police Service to establish the best approach to address the issue and ensure that we have the appropriate controls in place.”

It is not known how many properties have been put on its watch list, or how many people have reported property crime.

The Queensland Government says there have been reports of property crimes involving property being stolen, but the Queensland Coroners and Court Service says it does not have the power to ban properties.

“This is not a government-led initiative and it is not being undertaken as a result of any policy of Government,” a spokesperson for the Queensland Government said.

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