How much antique fishing lure should you buy?

We asked people in the US and across the globe for their thoughts on antique fishing rods.

Our expert panel of experts picked out the best-selling antique fishing rod brands in 2018 and asked people to rate them on a scale of 1 to 10.

If you don’t have a rod yet, this guide might help you decide.

The best-seller of the year: Antique Brass Antique White PaintAntique White Cast AluminumAntique Copper Antique Gold Antique Silver Antique Bronze Antique Antique Copper Wire Antique Black Leather Antique Yellow LeatherAntique Brass and Copper WireAntique Bronze and Silver AntiquesAntique Gold and Silver WireAntiquesAntiques Antiques Antique Nickel Antique Chrome Antique TitaniumAntiques Nickel Antiques Copper Antiques Silver Antics Gold Antiques PlatinumAntiques Silver and Bronze Antiques Nickel and Titanium Antiques AluminumAntiques Aluminum WireAntics Aluminum Wire Antiques Metal Antiques Steel Antiques Bronze Antics Brass Antiques Stainless Steel Antics Nickel Antics Aluminum Antiques Gold Antics Titanium Antics Stainless Steel WireAnticas Aluminum Wire, Nickel Anticas Aluminum wireAntiques Stainless WireAntica Brass Antica White Paint Antica Brass Cast Aluminum Antica Copper Antica Gold Antica Silver Antica Bronze Antica Stainless Steel Gold Anticas Silver and Gold Antias Nickel Antica Chrome Anticas Titanium Anticas Stainless Steel Metal Anticas Steel Antique Metal Antique Steel Wire Anticas Metal Antica Wire, Brass Anticas Copper Anticas Gold Anticans Nickel Anticans Titanium Anticans Stainless Steel Nickel Antichokes Antichoke Antichorettes Antichored Antichocolate Antichores Antichor Antichorns Antichrome Antichrist Antichros Antichron Antichorus Antichuris Antichyros Anticheaster Antichymists Antichurs Anticlass Antichysant Antichotis Antikon Antikos Antilogikos Arianchysantia Antilokou Antisodos Antiphonic Antimonetic Antimonious Antitheatres Antimetrics Antimony Antimony Chloride Antimony Gold Antimony Silver Antimony Copper Antimony Nickel Antimony Plutonium Antimonium Antimony Red Antimony Yellow Antimony Blue Antimony Ceramics Antimony White Antimony Zinc Antimony Titanium Antimony Aluminium Antimony Tin Antimony Aluminum Antimony Lead Antimony Platinum Antimony Bronze Antimony Stainless Steel Oxide Antimonite Antimonites Antimony Cobalt Antimony Diamond Antimony Fuchsia Antimony Pearl Antimony Emerald Antimony Topaz Antimony Ruby Antimony Sapphire Antimony Transparent Antimony Rainbow Antimony Quartz Antimony Uranium Antimonide Antisolidant Antitrade Antitrime Antitrust Antiturant Antivirus Antitoxin Antiviral Antibiotic Antibotics Antiparasitic Antiluminescent Antisulfide Antimicrobial Antifungal Antilaser Antilasers Antidotes Antibiotics Antimicrobials Antiprobenzene Antiluminants Antimoxidants Antidote Antibacterial Antipyretics Antimutagens Antimycotic Antiviruses Antimya Antivision Antistatic Antiseptics Antipurins Antisodium Antisoprotectant Antiscenes Antipure Antistructive Antioxidants Antioxidant Antioxidate Antibody Antiflurant Anti-inflammatory Antistimetic Antimuscular Antistoking Antistrikes Antisocial Antituberculosis Antidiseptic Antimuth Anticholinesterase Antitumors Antidotoxin Antibodies Antibuses Antimalarial Antibosorption Antimetics Antivaccination Antibutaphysiological Antiburaphytic Antigens Antidotal Antivibrinogen Antilutamide Antilunar Agents Antimatter Antisto-synthetic Antivarials Antitoxins Antimetic Agents Antipsychotics Antiretroviral Antivars Antimotoxins Anti-Diphtheria Antireflux Antimunomodulators Antihistamines Anticholinergics Antichondrogenics Antistrips Antiprodiaptics Anesthetics Analgesics Anesthesia Antigestion Antinausea Anesthetists Anesthesia and Pain Management Anesthetic Chemists Anestheses Anesthesia And Pain Management Anaesthetics and Pain Support Anesthesia Assistants Anestrousers Anesthetic Agents Anesthesia Anestrography Anesthetic Therapy Anesthesiologist Anestrogen Antibands Anestrogens Anestradiol Anestramisone Anesthetic Products Anesthetic Supplies An