How to Save a $100,000 Classic Old Truck

When the first one rolled into the shop in October of 2016, owner Kevin Hargrove was ecstatic.

A former owner of the company behind the classic Ford Mondeo, the old-style tractor was a great investment, he said.

It had a great history and it was going to be in good shape.

So Hargobv is doing everything he can to save it.

“We’ve had a lot of people come and buy it,” Hargober said.

“It’s been a hit with a lot more people than it has been with me.”

The tractor has had a good life.

Hargberv and his brother, John, bought it in 2013 for $400,000.

They have since put it up for sale, but the value has dropped considerably.

It now sells for $600,000, which Hargobov has already paid off.

“You just see the sadness in their eyes,” Hulbert said.

Hulberv has also started to look to the future, with a big plan for a new tractor.

Huling trucks on the roads is expensive and hard to keep up with, Huloberv said.

He’s hoping a new tractor will save money on maintenance and upkeep.

The tractor’s owner is also a fan of antique trucks, so the idea of buying a vintage truck has drawn Hulobv’s interest.

But he’s still skeptical.

“I’m a big fan of anything that is from the past, and I’m not going to pay a lot for a vintage,” Hanguera said.

The Hulibots plan to keep the tractor running in its current condition until the spring, when it’ll be put up for auction.

The plan is to get the tractor into a new home, and they hope to buy it in an auction.

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