How to buy a house that’s too big for you

A new book, Antique Furniture, by architect Peter Kloos, offers advice on what you should buy if you want to afford a house with a big backyard.

The author says that many buyers don’t know what kind of living they want to live in.

“They don’t want a place where they can play with kids, have a party, eat at the bar,” he says.

“What you want is a place that’s comfortable for the kids, a place you can have a lot of fun with your family, and where you can build up a little bit of wealth.”

Antique Furnishings focuses on the “antique” end of the market, which includes anything with a history, from furniture to china to jewelry boxes.

The book includes more than 400 articles from experts, including a section on how to buy antique furniture.

Kloos says that a house worth $1.6 million will require more than $1 million in repairs.

“That’s an enormous amount of money,” he explains.

“If you’re not careful, that’s going to be a very expensive house.”

The book has sold out.

But Klos says that it’s the kind of advice that will make your buying decision easier.

“The point of this book is to show you how to save money, and it’s not going to come at the cost of the home,” he told Fortune.

Klonos is a partner at the firm Klozow and Klozes, which has more than 1,000 stores across the United States.

He says that Antique, while a valuable book, is not a substitute for a real estate agent.

“There are people who are very good at selling houses for less than they should be, and that’s their problem,” Kloes says.

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