‘Tales from the Antique Alley’ series, from the BBC Sport archive title BBC Sport’s Antique Footage Archive, from BBC Sport website

In a post on the BBC website, a BBC Sport curator and writer, Mark McEwan, said the programme “Tales From the Antiquary Alley” would feature “the greatest collection of antique and vintage furniture in Britain”, “one of the most extensive collections of antique items on the market today” and “the only collection that can be said to be ‘antique'”.

The programme is scheduled to air in the autumn.

“Tale of the Antiques” is set to air on the same day as the BBC2’s Top Gear programme.

The BBC’s catalogue has also been updated to include a list of all the UK’s best antique shops, as well as a selection of UK television programmes, including The Good Life, The Real Housewives of London, The Doctors and The Thick Of It.

The list of the best shops is as follows: 1.

The Antique Antiques Shop, Westfield, Manchester, UK 2.

St John’s Antiques, Leeds, UK 3.

The Museum of Fine Arts, Manchester 4.

The Pianist Shop, Leeds 5.

The New England Art Gallery, Bristol 6.

The Woodlands Museum of Art, Cheshire 7.

The Great Antique & Art Gallery in London 8.

The British Museum, London 9.

The Tate Modern, London 10.

The National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh 11.

The Art Gallery of Southwark, London 12.

The Strand Art Gallery Southwark 13.

The London School of Economics, London 14.

The Royal Botanic Gardens, London 15.

The Arts Institute, London 16.

The Victoria & Albert Museum, Birmingham 17.

The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, London 18.

The Battersea Art Gallery and Art Gallery London 19.

The Bristol Museums, Bristol 20.

The Manchester Museum of Music, Manchester 21.

The Gainsborough Art Gallery Liverpool 22.

The University of Manchester, Manchester 23.

The John Lewis Art Gallery Southampton 24.

The Imperial College, London 25.

The Fine Art Centre, London 26.

The House of Commons Library, London 27.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, London 28.

The Odeon Theatre, London 29.

The Mews, London 30.

The Westfield Shopping Centre, Wokingham 31.

The Queen’s School of Art and Design, London 32.

The St John St Paul’s Cathedral, Liverpool 33.

The The Metropolitan Art Museum, Greenwich 34.

The Museu Artigas, Madrid 35.

The Leicester Square Art Gallery Bristol 36.

The South Bank Art Gallery Greenwich 37.

The Tower of London Museum of Contemporary Art, Greenwich 38.

The East India Company Museum, Leicester 39.

The Colosseum, Athens 40.

The Grand Theatre, St James’s Palace, London 41.

The Edinburgh International Art Gallery Glasgow 42.

The City Museum, Edinburgh 43.

The Westminster Abbey, Westminster 44.

The Albert Hall, Edinburgh 45.

The King’s Theatre, Birmingham 46.

The Crystal Palace, Glasgow 47.

The Abbey of St Paul and St John, London 48.

The Natural History Museum, University College London 49.

The Library of Congress, Washington 50.

The Solomon Risdon Museum, The National Library of Wales 51.

The Lincoln Library, Lincoln 52.

The Department of the Arts, London 53.

The White House, Washington 54.

The Palace of Westminster, London 55.

The Louvre Museum, Paris 56.

The Barbican, London 57.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris 58.

The Cagliari Club, Rome 59.

The Sistine Chapel, Rome 60.

The Musée d’Orsay, Paris 61.

The Taj Mahal, Mumbai 62.

The Champs Elysees, Paris 63.

The Globe and Mail, London 64.

The Shard, London 65.

The Sydney Opera House, Sydney 66.

The Arc de Triomphe, Paris 67.

The Olympia, Athens 68.

The Opera House of the Pergamon, Athens 69.

The Pantheon, Athens 70.

The Pontifical Catholic University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem 71.

The World Heritage Site, Tokyo 72.

The Palazzo Vittorio Emanuele, Florence 73.

The Forum dell’Este, Florence 74.

The Arsenale di Giuseppe Garibaldi, Rome 75.

The Vatican Museum, Rome 76.

The Alhambra, Madrid 77.

The Viale d’Aosta, Venice 78.

The Plaza del Cielo, Barcelona 79.

The Basilica of St Peter and Paul, Rome 80.

The Lido delle Sartori, Milan 81.

The Carabinieri, Milan 82.

The Parc du Louvre, Paris 83.

The Venetian Institute of Technology, Paris 84.

The Cathedral of Sant’Angelo, Milan 85. The