‘The Worst Thing Ever’! The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done for an Opium Dealer

It is the worst thing I have ever done for an opium dealer, a senior official in China has said.

In a speech delivered in Beijing on Monday, Zhao Zhisheng said the government had confiscated a warehouse of hundreds of tons of opium seized from the property of the drug dealer Wang Jing, and he was preparing to “rebuild the drug trade”.

Mr Wang, a former provincial governor who now runs an online drug market in Hong Kong, was arrested in November 2016 on suspicion of drug trafficking.

The seizure of the warehouse was part of an ongoing crackdown by the Chinese government on the drug business in Hongkong, which was largely based on a series of crackdowns targeting Chinese citizens and businesses.

Mr Zhao was speaking in response to a question from reporters about the latest crackdown on the trade, which came amid a series the authorities were reported to be carrying out.

“We will not let them steal a precious precious resource from Hong Kong,” he said.

“We cannot tolerate the illegal drug trade in Hong Kong.” “

Our government is doing everything possible to prevent it from happening again.”

“We cannot tolerate the illegal drug trade in Hong Kong.”

He added that the government would “not allow the illegal drugs trade in the country”.

The remarks came after Mr Zhao accused the Hong Kong authorities of “selling opium and selling illegal drugs” to the global drug market.

The former province governor’s comments come as China continues to crack down on the opium trade in its territory.

China has been tightening its grip on the Chinese market in recent months, targeting online businesses in the territory in a series for which it has launched a series against drug dealers.

The crackdown has targeted both local drug traders and those who are believed to be associated with the local opium industry.

A recent crackdown against Chinese online businesses was described by the US Treasury Department as “unprecedented” and “one of the most severe since the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown”.

In a statement released by the Treasury Department, the US department of state described the Chinese authorities’ crackdown on illegal online trading as “a clear violation of international law”.

In September last year, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin accused China of using the Internet to circumvent the law by allowing “illegal and unregulated” online markets to operate in China.

“This is a clear violation, which has the potential to affect the economic security of the US, the global economy, and our allies,” he wrote.

“The US Treasury continues to work with China on a comprehensive strategy to fight illicit online trading in China.”

“China’s recent crackdown on online markets is yet another example of how China is trying to undermine global order and undermine our ability to influence its economy,” Mr Mnuchin added.

Earlier this year, the Treasury also criticised the Chinese Government for “trying to disrupt the online economy by banning certain platforms, limiting certain online platforms, and limiting or prohibiting certain services”.

“The Chinese Government’s actions have the potential for devastating the internet economy, harm the online marketplaces, and undermine confidence in the international system,” the statement said.

The comments by Mr Zhao come after he said he had received death threats from Chinese drug traffickers.

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