When you buy antiques, you’re not buying a classic

The best antiques can be found on eBay and in flea markets.

Here’s why that’s the case.

article Antiques are all the rage in the UK.

They’re a perfect match for vintage furniture, but they also sell beautifully for a fraction of their original cost.

You’ll often find a large range of antique furniture in fleabag stalls, so if you’ve got a budget, you can pick out a classic and get it for less than its original cost, says Antiques UK.

Antiques and flea market sites have a huge selection of antiques to choose from, but if you don’t have the cash to splurge on a new antique you can still find some really interesting and unique pieces at a bargain price.

Here are the 10 best antique stores in the country.


Larkley Antiques shop Antiques London: If you’re in need of something cheap, then this store is the place to go.

Its an antique shop with a huge collection of items from around the world, including antiques from the likes of Alexander McQueen, the Manet and Monet.

They also sell some vintage watches and jewelry, as well as vintage furniture and home furnishings.


London Antiques store: This is one of the most well-known antique stores in London.

They carry a large collection of antique items from all over the world and have even produced an exhibition about the life and work of Edward Hopper, the father of contemporary art.

The store is also known for their famous collection of British antique watches, which they also carry.


Hutton Antiques: If this shop has you excited, then there’s no better place to shop for antique watches than Hutton’s shop in London’s East End.

It also carries a wide range of vintage British objects, from the 1940s to the 1960s.

It even has an exhibition on Hopper and the birth of modern art.


Balfour Street Antiques, London: This store is well-represented in the flea trade, with the store selling items from the Victorian era to the 1970s.

Its also a huge flea and insect market, with some incredible items like a 1920s vintage bed and breakfast.


Tullamore Antiques.

London: Tullams antique shop is the home of one of our favourite antique shops, Tullum.

It’s a must-see for anyone looking for some old school antique furniture.


St. James Antiques & St. Nicholas Antiques in Kensington: If the shop isn’t too busy, then St. John’s Antiques is the next best thing to an antique.

This shop has been around since the 1840s, and it has a vast selection of antique, British and antique jewellery.


St James Antique &amp

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