One-of-a-kind antique rose empanada in the style of the 1800s

One-and-a half years after its unveiling, a newly-minted antique rose from an Illinois antique shop is making its way around the world.

The Rose Emporium in Evanston, Illinois, sold a piece for $3,000 on eBay, the largest bid of the week.

It is a replica of an 1883 rose, but the rose’s design is an adaptation of the style popularized by the Spanish and Portuguese in the 19th century.

The Rose Emporer’s Artisan Rose Rose Rose is one of the oldest surviving antique rose reproductions, dating to the 1880s.

There are three different versions of the rose: the standard rose, a rose with a rose-shaped rim, and a rose shaped like a triangle.

The rose with the triangular rim has a larger stem and a wider, red center.

The one with the rose-like center has a narrower stem and is slightly smaller in diameter.

Some rose replicas are hand-painted, while others are carved.

The original rose that was displayed at the auction had an unusual shape, resembling a flower that had been twisted into a shape resembling a rose.

It was one of a series of “furry roses” that were sold in an auction for $2,500 in 2015.

The artisans behind the Rose Empora were in a hurry to sell their first authentic rose, so they wanted to create something new, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“I was trying to figure out if it would be worth it to get a rose that I could use for decoration,” Sarah Tappan, a Rose Emporter, told the newspaper.

“I’m not the best at making rose sculptures, so I thought it would probably be a lot more fun to make something like this.”

The antique rose was created by a family in the Chicago area.

Rose Empiricist and Rose Empathist, Krista Tappans, said that her daughter’s mother-in-law worked as an antique rose engraver and that she bought the rose for her mother.

She said that the rose is in perfect condition, having been kept in a glass case and in the Rose Enthusiast’s collection.

This is a rare, but interesting find, said Rose Empericist and author of the upcoming book “Rose: The Definitive Guide.”

“There is something very unique about this particular rose that is so unique that the fact that it has a very distinctive shape, which is an homage to the Spanish Rose, and the fact it is made by a woman who worked in a Rose Enthronement shop, is very significant,” Tappen told The New York Times.

I really like it, she said. “

There’s so much history to it, and it’s very much a testament to the love of this Rose Empire for this type of art and this style of Rose,” she added.

I really like it, she said.

“If it was a real rose, I would want to have a piece of it.”

This was the first time I’ve ever seen it, Kristah said.

It is just beautiful.

Rose Empiricist and Rose Enthaler, Kristal Tappani, said they bought the antique rose for their daughter, who has been working on her master’s thesis on antique rose reproduction.

She said the rose will become a permanent exhibit.

A similar rose, which had been bought for $1,000, is currently on display at the Smithsonian Institution.

One of the main characteristics of a true rose is that it is more durable than its replica, said Tappann, who said she’s excited to share the Roseempire’s first-ever Rose Empersion.

As with other authentic rose replications, it will be sold on eBay in time for the 2020 New York Fashion Week.