The story of the first antiques shop in the UK

An antique shop was the latest addition to a list of attractions that included a Victorian church, a Victorian mansion and an antique car factory.

But in 1867, an old man by the name of John Smith opened the first shop in London.

It was called the Smiths Antiques and Collectables, and it was located at the corner of Broadway and King’s Cross.

“There was a great deal of excitement about the Smith’s, it had just opened,” says John Smith, who was in his 50s at the time.

“We had lots of fun doing the sale, and the staff were always smiling.”

It was very much a novelty shop.

I don’t think they sold anything, but the staff seemed to enjoy it.

“Smiths Antique and Collectable was an early example of what is now known as the “antique movement” in the United Kingdom.

It opened in 1868 and it is the oldest known example of an antique shop in Britain.

It wasn’t long after the Smith family moved to London that they started selling antique furniture.

In the late 1800s, the Smith-Smiths had a great interest in British antiquities and, as part of their heritage, had acquired a small collection of British antiques from a collection that had been sold to a gentleman from the Midlands who owned an antique auction house.

Smiths was an unusual place to sell antiques.

Unlike other antique shops, Smiths didn’t stock any furniture, nor did they offer a service.

But the shop offered a small number of items that were popular with the public and that made up the majority of their sales.

Smith’s was one of only a few places that sold antiques to the public, and was a major draw for tourists.

A large section of the building was used as a meeting place for tourists in the early 1800s.

The store’s main attraction was the collection of the Smith brothers’ antique furniture that they had acquired.

Smith, who worked as a tailor and was the son of a well-known merchant, began selling the antiques he had collected.

He would also sell the furniture from the house.

The Smiths collection included many pieces that were very expensive, but were also unique and desirable, according to John Smith.”

John Smith says that Smiths made a great living selling the Smith, Smith’s and Smiths antiques as well as their furniture. “

We would get people who were from other parts of the country to buy them for us, and we would have a huge demand.”

John Smith says that Smiths made a great living selling the Smith, Smith’s and Smiths antiques as well as their furniture.

The shop also sold antique books, periodicals and collectibles.

Smith and the Smith families owned the shop until 1869, when they moved to the city of London.

The family sold the shop in 1871, and in 1878, the property was bought by a young widow named Catherine Smith.

Smiths eventually closed and was eventually demolished in 1982.