Which vintage ring is the most valuable?

The answer is antique emeradald ring, a piece of art in the style of a gold watch or a diamond ring.

The ring, from the 1860s and 70s, is the highest quality and is often sold for thousands of dollars, according to the Internet auction house Bidding Ages.

But that’s not all it is worth.

Here are the 10 highest-earning vintage emerald rings of all time.1.

1887-1892 Old English Heritage, England.

$3.4 million2.

1894-1916 U.S. Mint, United States.

$2.9 million3.

1918-1920 New York City Mint, New York.

$1.8 million4.

1922-1935 Washington Mint, Washington, D.C. $850,0005.

1946-1960 New York Mint, City Mint.


1962-1970 Chicago Mint, Chicago, Illinois.


1971-1973 Paris Mint, Paris, France.


1974-1976 Chicago Mint.

Chicago, Ill.


1977-1979 Los Angeles Mint, Los Angeles, Calif.


1980-1984 Chicago Mint New York, N.Y. $550,0001.

1896-1905 British Columbia, Canada.

$5.6 million2,5.

1907-1915 Royal Canadian Mint, Canada, Canada minted.

$4.5 million3,4.

1917-1921 Royal Canadian Numismatic and Art Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario.


1923-1927 Ontario Mint, Ontario, Canada $400.0003.

1928-1933 Royal Canadian Museum, Ottawa.


1934-1937 Royal Canadian National Museum, Toronto, Ont.


1939-1945 Royal Canadian Legion, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Toronto, Ontario minted minted coin.


1946 Royal Canadian War Museum, Edmonton, Alberta.


1947-1958 Royal Canadian Heritage, Montreal, Quebec.


1959-1965 Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Toronto.


1966-1973 Royal Canadian Military Museum, Gatineau, Que.


1974 Royal Canadian Air Force, Gatinesville, Quebec, Canada.(ca.

75 million)1.

1950-1957 Canadian National Bank, Toronto minted $100.00021.

1964 Royal Canadian Army, Calgary minted silver $90,00022.

1965 Royal Canadian Navy, Toronto (ca.

45 million)23.

1967 Royal Canadian Forces, Calgary(ca.

43 million)24.

1968 Royal Canadian Maritime Museum, Halifax(ca 50 million)25.

1969 Royal Canadian International Trade Association, Calgary (ca 45 million)(ca.

25 million)26.

1970 Royal Canadian Medical Association, Toronto(ca 30 million)27.

1971 Royal Canadian Nuclear Research Centre, Calgary.(ca 35 million)28.

1972 Royal Canadian Radio and Television Commission, Calgary.(ca 35.7 million)29.

1973 Royal Canadian Astronomical Society, Calgary-Gatineau(ca 40.5)30.

1974 Canadian Association for the Advancement of Science, Toronto.(ca 20 million)31.

1975-1976 Canadian Nuclear Testing Institute, Calgary2.

1950 Royal Canadian Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto 3.

1952-1964 Royal Canadian Science Museum, Montreal (ca 33 million)4.

1965-1970 Royal Canadian Naval Museum, Victoria, British Columbia(ca 33.3 million)5.

1971 Canadian Nuclear Commission, Edmonton (ca 26 million)6.

1972-1975 Royal Canadian Aeronautics and Space Museum, Vancouver(ca 24.7)7.

1976-1985 Royal Canadian Film Institute, Edmonton(ca 23 million)8.

1985-1990 Royal Canadian Armed Forces Museum, Winnipeg(ca 20.6)9.

1991 Royal Canadian Space Agency, Winnipeg (ca 19.4)10.

1992 Royal Canadian Veterinary and Animal Science Institute, Winnipeg.(ca 17.3)The first $100 million was spent in 1992, but it has only been used in a couple of years.

So if you’re interested in purchasing one, it’s best to go to an auction house that is more than just the average $100 auction.

The top 10 most expensive vintage emerad and vintage gold watches are listed below.

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