‘Tales from the Antique Alley’ series, from the BBC Sport archive title BBC Sport’s Antique Footage Archive, from BBC Sport website

In a post on the BBC website, a BBC Sport curator and writer, Mark McEwan, said the programme “Tales From the Antiquary Alley” would feature “the greatest collection of antique and vintage furniture in Britain”, “one of the most extensive collections of antique items on the market today” and “the only collection that can be […]

Why antique hoysier cabinets are so popular

The idea of having a hoofed chair on your desk may sound like a modern fantasy.But it’s not quite as strange as it sounds.The chairs, called antique hoiesier cabinets, are designed to look and feel like they were originally built for a different time.The cabinets are often carved out of the back of old furniture, […]

What to do if you’ve bought a antique book and you don’t want it back

You’ve bought an antique book, and now it’s time to sell it.You’ve got a lot of sentimental value to put into your purchase, but it’s not for sale yet.You need to talk to a specialist, who can take the book to a collector who has the expertise.If you’ve just bought a book, you might have […]

New archaeology finds show that an entire civilisation existed at the foot of the Andes

New evidence suggests an entire society existed at Mount Kilimanjaro in the Andean rainforest before the first Europeans arrived.Archaeologists from Argentina and Chile have uncovered two huge stone chambers, believed to have been used for ceremonial purposes, which were found in the 1970s in the highlands of the high Andean region.The sites in the region […]

‘Won’t eat the stuff’: Antique pie safe owners say they won’t eat their treasure, and the media has a field day

LONDON — An antique pie safety in north London has been condemned by its owners after they reportedly refused to give up their treasure for a piece of real pie.The family behind the popular antique pie safes in the British capital are claiming that they were told by a local police officer to hand over […]

How to Identify Antique Synonym: Antique Wooden Chair

The term antique refers to a particular piece of furniture, usually made of wood or stone.The word is derived from the Greek word arkos, meaning old or old fashioned.The first examples of this word date back to at least the 1700s, and it has been used in art since the 16th century.Ancient art is often […]

Go antique shopping with a steamer at a high-end antique mall

Go antique mall?You should go!This is the best time to go antique shopping.With the resurgence of the antique steamer, the number of steams sold at antique stores has soared.And that’s with the help of the internet, too.This is why we decided to go in person.We’ve picked out a couple of items from the steamer collection […]

How to get an antique washstand, antique painting, and more with an antique washing machine

When we were looking for an antique cleaning service to install on our antique painting shop, we had no idea what kind of antique washing machines would fit in.So we decided to search the internet and found some great posts on DIY antique washing posts and articles.However, the quality of the posts on the DIY […]