Vintage globe and antique globe made from antique items

Vintage globe, antique globe, and other antique objects are a big part of what makes our world interesting.They are the source of our fascination with our ancestors, and they provide a unique connection to our cultural history.But where does this fascination come from?It seems that most people think they are buying antique things, but the […]

What to look for when buying antique chandelier

Lighters, antiques and furniture worth tens of thousands of pounds are the stuff of collectors dreams, with prices on the rise.We take a look at the best antiques you can buy in Ireland and what to do if you find one that’s worth a lot more than you bargained for.Source: The Irish News

The real cost of owning a bottle of antiques

If you are looking for a good antique side table and the perfect antique bottles, you should consider buying a bottle, or even more, of antique wine and spirits.Antique sideboard and bar stool buffet prices are not only extremely expensive, but they can also have a very long history and a long shelf life.These items […]

Why you should consider antique milk and antique brass mirrors

Antique milk and old fashioned mirrors are some of the oldest items on your shopping list.These items can be a treasure trove of vintage finds, and many are a little too sentimental to keep for your collection.Here are some reasons why.Antique Milk and Antique Brass Mirror: Antique wooden and antique chairs can be found in […]

How to Identify a Steampunk Clock

When the word steampunk comes up in your conversation, you might think you’ve seen it in the movie, the comic books or even a steampunk watch.However, the term isn’t used as a synonym for a steampowered machine.In fact, steampunk is a more general term that can refer to any kind of electronic technology, including steampunk […]

How to buy a house that’s too big for you

A new book, Antique Furniture, by architect Peter Kloos, offers advice on what you should buy if you want to afford a house with a big backyard.The author says that many buyers don’t know what kind of living they want to live in.“They don’t want a place where they can play with kids, have a […]

The Best Antique Furniture in the World

Rugs and writing desks have long been an integral part of many homes.But today, many of the most popular items on the market are made from reclaimed wood.These reclaimed items can be reclaimed and reused, or can be purchased through a craft store, antique furniture retailer, or the Internet.The furniture you buy may not be […]

Which are the best dolls from the 1950s?

Polygon has put together a list of the best-selling vintage dolls from 1950s and 60s.This list includes all of the classic dolls from Disney’s animated films, from the Harry Potter films to the Star Wars films.It’s a great way to check out some of the most iconic Disney dolls, and some of their most recognizable […]