A new collection of vintage furniture and home decor is on sale in the UK

A new line of vintage furnishings and home décor is on display at the Vintage Collection, an online auction platform.Auctioneer Lola Jones-Wright said it was inspired by a number of different brands, including vintage furniture brands, but also by the concept of being a collector.“When we saw the word vintage, we wanted to find something […]

Steelers’ Antonio Brown has a great chance to return from suspension

Antonio Brown is set to return to the Pittsburgh Steelers in less than a week and may play against the New England Patriots on Sunday.The Steelers, who will host the Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, are expected to hold a joint practice at 1 p.m.ET with Brown on Monday.The team also held a joint […]

Why are people getting addicted to antique furniture?

We’ve all been there, trying to find the perfect antique box that will make us feel nostalgic but will also be a lot of fun to play with.Maybe the box you’re looking for isn’t quite the right size, or maybe it’s a bit too old.But you’re not going to have to hunt for a replacement.It’s […]

A collection of antique Christmas ornament replicas

A collection on antique clock repair is on display in a room of a local antique shop near the town of Dharamsala, Maharashtra, where thousands of Christmas orchids have been gathered from across India over the past decade.The collection of more than 100 Christmas orchid replicas includes dozens that are from the 18th century and […]

How to find the best antique archaeologist in Nashville

It’s not uncommon for archaeologists to stumble upon ancient ruins in an urban setting.But that’s not always the case.And when a few archaeologists and historians stumble across an abandoned building that’s been abandoned for years, it’s worth a visit.This was the case for the first-ever museum exhibit at the site of a former home in […]

How to save $100,000 on your antique furniture with a DIY antique lighting

The following DIY items can be made from a variety of materials including antique wood, antique metal, antique doors, antique cabinets and antique light fixtures. But before you buy any of these items, you should first get an idea of what they can cost and what you need to do to make them. If you’re unsure of […]

How to find the perfect antique bed for your family

A bed is an essential element of any home, whether you’re buying a new one or renovating an existing one.And if you want to keep your precious memories and family history alive, you need to find something that fits right in with the rest of the home.Antiques are great, but if you don’t own them, […]

How to find a vintage antique trunk

By Chris MorrisBloomberg/Alameda, California(Reuters) – When you’re looking for an antique, you can count on some of the same questions that come up when you’re searching for an Apple or Tesla: Where do I start?Where do they sell it?What do they have?What does it cost?What are the returns?And then there are the questions that came […]

How you can help restore antique cameras and restore their beauty with antique rose

The antiques carousel at the Phoenix Art Museum in Arizona is showing its age.It’s a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication of its original makers.The antiques world has a long and rich history.But the Phoenix exhibit is taking the world by storm, and it has already attracted thousands of visitors.Antiques Roadshow is the Phoenix art […]