A collection of antique Christmas ornament replicas

A collection on antique clock repair is on display in a room of a local antique shop near the town of Dharamsala, Maharashtra, where thousands of Christmas orchids have been gathered from across India over the past decade.The collection of more than 100 Christmas orchid replicas includes dozens that are from the 18th century and […]

Antique Video Game Console Table for $7,800

The Antique Videogame Console Table from Atari.The Antiques video game console table has a very vintage look to it.The top of the table has some of the earliest Atari 2600 console hardware from the late 80s and early 90s.The base is an antique wood frame, which is also made of antique wood.The legs are vintage, […]

How to get the best antique mirrors in the country

How to save $100,000 on an antique vanity mirror from a furniture restoration company.The owner of the vanity mirror is a professional, so we wanted to see if we could find a way to get an authentic, original piece.It turns out there are plenty of places to get them for under $20.We looked for antique […]