The real cost of owning a bottle of antiques

If you are looking for a good antique side table and the perfect antique bottles, you should consider buying a bottle, or even more, of antique wine and spirits.Antique sideboard and bar stool buffet prices are not only extremely expensive, but they can also have a very long history and a long shelf life.These items […]

When Antiques Are Not Antiques

The world of antiques and collectibles is an incredibly fascinating one.From the world of books to the world’s largest collection of antique typewriters, there are countless pieces that are truly special and timeless.The question is, what can you do with them?Here are the five things you should do with your antiques.1.Create your own collectionAntique typewriter, […]

Which antique typewriter do you like the best?

A new study by the University of Ottawa’s Graduate School of Education has found that many of the popular antique typewriters of the past are no longer the best available, according to the research.“Most people are going to have a typewriter that is great for their profession, or that they can use for a short […]