How to buy a house that’s too big for you

A new book, Antique Furniture, by architect Peter Kloos, offers advice on what you should buy if you want to afford a house with a big backyard.The author says that many buyers don’t know what kind of living they want to live in.“They don’t want a place where they can play with kids, have a […]

“Antique Food” by Paul F. Johnson: The Art of Cooking at Home with Antique Furniture

Antique Food is a series of blog posts that explore how the art of cooking at home has evolved in the 21st century.Each post includes a short description of the subject matter and includes photos, a short explanation, and links to more information.If you’d like to submit an article to the series, you can email […]

How to Save a $200 Amazon Gift Card for $80

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This is how to use the antique cupboards

We’ve all seen the posters for antique kitchen items, like the antique china pots, or the antique glass bowl, but now you can find the real deal in our new infographic.The antique furniture in our infographic is divided into two groups: traditional furniture, and new furniture, which is also called “antique”.If you have ever seen […]