How to make a ceramic jewelry box with antique porcellain dolls

Vintage antique porcolines have been a part of American culture since the mid-19th century.They are also known as “golden porcelains” or “fantastic porcelines.”Some of the most common varieties of antique porcines have a golden or ruby tone, and they can be found in many of the styles of porcelaine jewelry you’ll find in the United […]

Art of the Craft in a Time of Crisis

The art of the craft has always been in peril.In 2017, the art of painting is being called into question and its legacy is being lost.In the case of the antique furniture, it’s a question of the preservation of the art form.In a time of crisis, what is the value of the artistic legacy of […]

How to Get More Money From Antiques Dealers

The internet is full of people who think it’s a good idea to buy an antique clock or other antique goods for a dollar or two.The problem is that they’re usually wrong.It’s the exact same story with the antiques market.There’s a huge range of items on the market, from fine art, to rare furniture, to […]