‘Tough and Deadly’: The Gunslinger’s Gunfight with a Monster Source: Wired title Gunslinger Gets a New Armor Set and New Weapons

A new gunfighting system has been revealed in Gunslinger: The Gunslingers Gunfight.The game’s developer, Ubisoft, has unveiled the Gunfight Armor System, which is meant to help players fight back against hordes of monsters.The system lets players equip weapons like the Gunfighter’s Gun, an oversized shotgun that fires bullets in the air, while the Gunmaster’s Shotgun […]

‘Wanted’ to be movie about ‘antique weapons’

“We wanted to make it into a movie that’s going to be very, very interesting, and also very scary, and really fun.So we’re not going to make the movie about antique weapons,” says David Zabriskie, who wrote the script and stars as an archaeologist who searches for the relics of an ancient civilization.“It’s a story […]

Why the antique lamp supply industry is in a state of crisis

The American antique lamp industry has a long and storied history.And the industry is facing serious issues as the nation’s furniture, dining, and home furnishings market matures.It has long been a source of pride for some of the country’s wealthiest families to own vintage lamps, but it has also had an undercurrent of controversy.As the […]