How to dress as a real antiques dealer

As the antiques trade continues to expand, so too does the demand for its products, which have an even wider appeal today than when they were first made.Here are some of the best antiques for your desk, dining room or bedroom.The Antique Dresser A classic looking dresser has always been the first choice of many […]

How to Save a $100,000 Classic Old Truck

When the first one rolled into the shop in October of 2016, owner Kevin Hargrove was ecstatic.A former owner of the company behind the classic Ford Mondeo, the old-style tractor was a great investment, he said.It had a great history and it was going to be in good shape.So Hargobv is doing everything he can […]

The Lad’s new ad campaign: ‘We’re a family in the family business’

The Lad is going big for its brand new ad blitz that will debut this weekend on all four major US cable networks.The ad campaign is set to premiere across the top four cable networks starting Saturday, and it will run across three segments that include the “Best in Old-School” and “Best of Old-school” sections.The […]